California Range Riders

2017 Match Dates (as of 2017-09-01)
Schedule by Old Buckaroo
(Dates may change due to weather.)

June 10 CRR Practice Turlock Saturday
July 1* CRR Desperado Trail VIV Turlock Saturday
July 2* CRR Desperado Trail VV Turlock Sunday
July 15 CRR Ghost Riders in the Sky XII Turlock Saturday
July 16 CRR Ghost Riders in the Sky XIII Turlock Sunday
July 23** CRR Practice Turlock San Jose Sunday, 9:30 a.m.
July 26-29 CMSA Western U.S. Championship Las Vegas, Nevada Wednesday-Saturday
August 3-6 Cowboy-Con Convention Center
Sparks, Nevada
August 12*** CRR Practice Turlock Saturday
August 19 CRR Faultline War XVI Turlock Saturday
August 20 CRR Faultline War XVII Turlock Sunday
September 9 CRR Practice Turlock Saturday
September 16-17 CRR SoPac Regional Gold Dust Fever XVIII Turlock Saturday-Sunday
October 7 CRR Ride Into Purgatory XVII Turlock Saturday
October 8 CRR Ride Into Purgatory XVIII Turlock Sunday
October 14 CRR Practice Turlock Saturday
October 21 CRR U.C. Davis demo/clinic Davis Saturday
November 4 CRR Shootout at Boothill XII Turlock Saturday
November 5 CRR Shootout at Boothill XIII Turlock Sunday
November 18-19 CRR Shootout at Tejon I Tejon Ranch Saturday-Sunday

* Postponed from June 24-25 due to weather
** Postponed from July 8; location changed
*** Postponed from August 5

California Range Riders (CRR)

Old Buckaroo (Steve)
Tel.:  1-408-710-1616

Events are held at Ceres, Gilroy, La Honda, Livermore,
Rio Linda (Sacramento), San Jose, Turlock and Waterford.

Hoffman's Arena
11342 Merced Ave.
Turlock, CA  95380

Tel.:  1-209-652-0348

CRR California Range Riders Gilroy, CA
GBP Great Basin Pistoleers Reno, NV
RRR Roy Rogers Rangers Moreno Valley, CA
SJVR San Joaquin Valley Rangers Stockton, CA
SoCal SoCal CMSA Murietta, CA


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